L`Elexir D`Amour EDP Pipette


Brand Julisis


A vibrant, alchemy-inspired scent for souls who are not attracted to common fragrance. A sultry and powerful dose of sensuality. Opening with stimulating blood orange and other pure citrus notes, it quickly moves into a dynamic Russian leather- both smoky and smooth, with the undeniable effect of raising one's temperature. White pepper and a mixture of smooth, rare woods- Chinese chiu, Japanese kyara and Brazilian rosewood- turn up the romance even further, inducing a state of deep, soothing bliss. But what pushes L'Elexir d'Amour over the top is the rarest ingredient of all, a fossilized extract from the Kalahari desert imbued with deep aphrodisiac properties.

Can be used to refill 15ml spray bottle.

50ml dropper


Stimulating Sicilian blood orange, invigorating Calabrian bergamot, sexy Russian leather, seductive white pepper from Madagascar, sensual Brazilian rosewood, captivating rare Chinese chiu wood, elegant Japanese imperial kyara wood, seductive Kalahari fossilized extract

97% biodynamic pure natural essences