L`Elexir Du Jour EDP Spray


Brand Julisis


A vibrant, spiritually balanced alchemy-inspired scent for souls who are not attracted to common fragrance. A daytime-recommended fragrance, is an uplifting citrus-forward blend with genuinely remarkable energetic properties. A stimulating zap of Calabrian blood orange and Moroccan lime combines with tart, vivid pink grapefruit to open eyes and spirits. The deeply floral heart of Tunisian neroli intoxicates, while a base of Brazilian rosewood and Japanese ho-wood grounds and soothes while also projecting gentle, confident strength.


15ml spray


Sun power Calabrian blood orange, liberating orange zest, energizing Moroccan lime, joyful pink grapefruit, uplifting Tunisian white flower neroli, enlightening winter bergamot, happy Brazilian rosewood, blissfully grounding Japanese ho-wood.

94% biodynamic pure natural essences