L’Huile de Graines de Pin Maritime®


Brand Oceopin


100% natural restructuring and anti-aging facial oil

Steeped in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants, maritime pine seed oil oxygenizes cells deep-down, replumps the epidermis and so is effectively instrumental in the delaying of skin aging, giving the skin suppleness and vitality. It also protects tissue by combating exterior insult and free radicals.

Being perfectly organic and hypoallergenic, maritime pine seed oil has shown amazing affinity with skin. It is quickly absorbed and has a delicate botanical « french seaboard » smell.

Plant-based oil with exceptional virtues, L’HUILE DE GRAINES DE PIN MARITIME® is a restructuring and anti-aging companion-in-arms for dry, combination and sensitive skin types.

Daily-use, morning and/or night.

How to use:

After cleansing, massage 3 to 5 drops of L’HUILE DE GRAINES DE PIN MARITIME® evenly into your face, beginning at the neck, as a serum.

Apply daily, morning and/or night.

« Alternatively, blend L’HUILE DE GRAINES DE PIN MARITIME® with your the Océopin hydrating cream to intensify hydratation. »
Marina Berger, co-founder of Oceopin.

BEAUTY TIP : by the sea or at the mountains, to reduce redness and repair your skin after sun exposure, apply it after the evening shower to help keep skin fresh and soothed !


100% organic virgin maritime pine seed oil (Pinus Pinaster Seed Oil), obtained by cold pression of seeds collected on the edge of the French Atlantic coastline, in particular between Bordeaux and Cap Ferret.