Pastoral Eau de Parfum


Description :

Pastoral is fresh spring air and breezy April wind blended with showers, thunder dust and chill spring nights. It is the long awaited transition between winter and spring, between frost and warmth, between long sleep and sweet awakening.

Pastoral is a combination of earthy, green and soft honey and herbal aromas. Just like the first spring fragrances filling the air, it is fresh, crisp and buoyant in the top notes, herbaceous, slightly fruity-green in the heart, tangy, with wine-like botanical ambra, dry and evocative oakmoss and resinous, earthy vetiver in the base.

Fragrance character: earthy, fresh, soft green

Notes: almond, manuka, tarragon, tagetes, mimosa, lavender, blackcurrant, vetiver, oakmoss, botanical ambra.

The perfume comes in a luxurious black box, ready to be given as a gift.

INCI: Alcohol, Aroma*.

*a blend of essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, concretes and tinctures.

Available in Full Size 30 ml spray or Sample Size 1 ml spray